Technological possibilities

Our foundry has a modern 6-ton electric medium-frequency induction furnace, thanks to which we can produce castings up to 5 tons. Production takes place under the simultaneous operation of an automatic line and manual molding shop.

Smelter - we have 2 induction furnaces and dual-operation furnaces. The production capacity of the smelter is 4.3 tons of liquid iron per hour

Machine molding shop - equipped with an automatic molding line with an impulse system for compacting bentonite molding mixture. It is good for the medium and large batch production of smaller castings.

Manual molding shop - the purpose of the manual molding method is the flexible and high-quality production of piece castings according to the specific requirements of the customer. We produce castings of larger dimensions in the manual molding shop. 

Laboratory - we also have a metallurgical laboratory in which we check the chemical composition and quality of the liquid metal. 

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