Our smelter consists of two 3-ton medium-frequency induction electric furnaces, which allows us to increase our production capacity.

  • Two 3-ton electric medium-frequency induction furnaces (EIP S) from InductoThermEurope Ltd., Steel Shell type
  • The production capacity of grey cast iron liquid charge in EIP S induction furnaces is 4.3 tons of liquid iron per hour
  • Dual operation of furnaces - optimization when using two furnaces, where melting takes place in the first furnace, while the casting is done in the second one at a precise temperature
  • The lids of both EIP S containers are equipped with integrated exhaust flaps and flange
  • The furnace cover ensures optimum operation of the furnace under all conditions — charging, melting, casting
  • A new exhaust pipe runs from the flange of the exhaust caps to the dedusting device
  • For the filtration of flue gases, a filtration plant with four filtration chambers is used; the filtration area is 490 m2, the number of filter elements is 280 (1.75 m2 per piece), PPS filter media PPS at 200°C, filtration efficiency 99.9%
  • The filter equipment performs the automatic regeneration of the filter medium using back pressure

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