We produce castings from  grey cast and ductile iron up to 5 tons in weight in the quality required by the documentation and customer requirements.

Production of castings

  • The production of castings takes place on a new manual line and on an automatic line.
  • On the manual line we produce castings in the range of 100–5,000 kg.
  • On the automatic line (due to the frame size 700x700x250x250) we produce castings up to about 90 kg.

Production of models

  • The production of models is carried out by experienced external companies on the basis of internally prepared technical documentation.
  • We are able to provide models from materials such as wood, aluminum and others based on customer requirements and recommended service life.

Testing and measurement of castings

All products undergo inspection, for which we use classic and state-of-the-art instruments. The quality of our products and their chemical composition is tested in the laboratory. 

Blasting of castings

For the purpose of the cleaning and blasting of castings, we use several kinds of blasting equipment - we have double column, drum and continuous overhead blasters 

Machining and finishing

We deliver castings to customers with basic machining and in a basic color or finish, including painting done by our affiliated company PROMET PREFIX. 

Dyeing and painting of castings

In the industrial paint shop of our affiliate company PROMER PREFIX, we spray and paint parts with eco-friendly paints. We also do chemical degreasing.

Packaging and shipping

Our services also include shipping to the end customer.

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