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Our main focus is larger weight castings that we cast on a manual molding line. We are able to deliver castings with painting and machining.

The production of castings takes place on a new manual line and on an automatic line.

On the manual line we produce castings in the range of 100–5,000 kg 

On the automatic line (due to the frame size 700x700x250x250) we produce castings up to about 90 kg. 

Grey cast iron, Ductile iron

CS DIN EN 1561  DIN EN 1691 
422415  EN-GJL-150  GG 15
422420  EN-GJL-200  GG 20 
422425  EN-GJL-250  GG 25 
422430  EN-GJL-300  GG 30 


CS DIN EN 1561  DIN EN 1691 
422304  EN-GJS-400  GGG 40 
422305  EN-GJS-500  GGG 50 
422306  EN-GJS-600  GGG 60 
422307  EN-GJS-700  GGG 70 


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