Last fall, we finished the costly renovation and modernization of the foundry. The reason for this was to improve the environmental parameters of the operation to match current standards. Thanks to this extraordinary investment, the emissions of solid pollutants will be reduced by 92%! The project was co-financed by the European Union - Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Environment.

The most extensive project in the foundry’s history included:

  • Reconstruction of the foundry building including the complete reconstruction of the roof and curtain wall and insulation 
  • Installation of new technological equipment including HVAC, power distribution and induced building modifications
  • Dust equipment have been equipped with efficient extraction and filtration devices, which significantly reduce the emission of dust particles into the air and meet legislative requirements with margin to spare 
  • Modernization of technological equipment: The foundry received a new smelting furnace including extraction and filtration equipment, a new extraction and filtration automatic molding line, new blasting equipment including extraction and filtration equipment, a new manual molding line including extraction and filtration equipment, a new core production shop, annealing furnace, paint booth and the reconstruction of the workplaces in the casting treatment plant. Last but not least, new gantry cranes have also been added. 

    Total project cost: 396 280 000 CZK
    EU subsidy: CZK 217 954 000 (55%)
    Beneficiary contribution: CZK 178 326 000 (45%).
    Project implementation 2022-2023.

Technology and production

DSC00624 kopie - kopie.jpg

Core injection molding machines

Two new automatic GIFOS VGi 12.7 and VGi 40.1 machines with a volume of 20l and 80l, which replaced the production of CT cores produced manually and amine cores produced on the old cores machines.

Benefit: saving sand, increasing productivity, improving quality, saving on external core production

DSC01719 uprava.jpg

Manual molding shop

Automatic continuous mixer, extrusion grate, sand recovery, pneumatic transport

Benefit: reducing binders, improving quality, reducing waste sands, increasing capacity, reducing maintenance costs



Blasting equipment

Overhead continuous blasting machine, double-column blasting machine, drum blasting machine

Benefit: reducing energy demand, incereasing blasting speed, improving quality, reducing blasting material, reducing maintenance costs, better availability of spare parts  

DSC01872 kopie - kopie.jpg

6-ton electric medium-frequency induction furnace, modification booth

We expanded the range of the foundry to 5-ton castings

Benefits: ensuring the simultaneous operation of the automatic line and the manual molding shop, improving quality, reducing emissions 

DSC03209 kopie 2_3.jpg

Spray booth

Benefit: reducing the cost of cooperation, meeting emission limits, expanding the product range 

20230317_101641 kopie.jpg


Benefit: reducing costs, increasing safety, meeting the legislative standards of dedicated lifting equipment

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