Company profile

PROMET FOUNDRY is engaged in the production and sale of castings made of grey cast and ductile iron. We focus primarily on manual casting. We also provide for the production of model equipment. More than half of the castings go to markets abroad, mainly to Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.


year of foundation



8000 tons

foundry capacity per year

Located in Vsetín, PROMET FOUNDRY supplies castings to customers with basic machining and in a basic color or finish, including painting done by our affiliated company PROMET PREFIX. 

Thanks to many years of experience, our foundry is able to produce complex components for electric motors from castings weighing on the order of tens of kilos or tons. We have traditionally supplied these parts to leading European manufacturers. More than half of the foundry’s total capacity of 8000 tons of castings go to foreign markets. Our castings can also be found in a number of elevator models for office and industrial buildings around the world.

PROMET FOUNDRY has long exchanged information and know-how with the parent group PROMET GROUP, which makes it possible to develop production programs in the long term and thus provide its customers with the maximum possible range of services within its own production output, as well as the services of affiliated companies, thus ensuring a complete portfolio.

The family-owned PROMET GROUP includes more than forty companies operating in the machinery, metallurgy and engineering industries. PROMET GROUP employs over four thousand people in the Czech Republic and abroad. The headquarters of the group is in Ostrava.

Vision, mission and values

As part of the Promet Group, we uphold the values ​​of the concern built on creating stable bilateral ties, which we value. Supplier-customer relations with a focus on precision, surface treatment and timely delivery exactly according to customer requirements are important to us, but also intra-company relations, where we try to create a stable and safe working environment.

Our relationship with the environment is important to us. We minimize pollution and protect water and soil from spills of oil and chemical cleaning agents. We reduce the risk of leakage of dangerous substances at the point of use and in storage areas.

The company PROMET FOUNDRY is committed to continuous improvement, to the prevention of environmental pollution, to the fulfillment of legal and other requirements.

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