Our company in Vsetín, PROMET FOUNDRY a.s. put in function a new automatic air washer in the end of February 2016. This investment is adding up to increasing the quality of environment not only in the area of the company, but also the neighbourhood areas.

The foundry produces also the model cores, which have to proceed through curing process. This process takes place using a gas – tertiary amine. The residual gas was then left in the air.

„Even though the previously used process did not endanger the environment as the gas concentration was very low, we have decided to invest into new air washer. This new machine ensures that the amine concentration in the air is less than five milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m³). The air washer includes also the filter for solid particles which is preventing the dust to escape into the atmosphere.”

Miroslav SnášelCEO of PROMET FOUNDRY a.s. (freely translated from czech orginal)

The air washer proceeds the sprinkling of the gas by the solution of sulphuric acid which neutralizes the basic amine. The residual  substances are then stored into the containers which are ecologically disposed. The air washer also eliminated the odors which could have in past been diffused in the local area within the certain wind conditions. “The ammonia is harmless in low concentrations, but could still be bothering to the neighbourhood,” added the CEO of foundry.

“In general, the foundry operation does no longer burden the environment as it used to be in past. Our company took a long term approach to increase the ecological production and the air washer is another step to achieve our goals towards this plan.”

Miroslav SnášelCEO of PROMET FOUNDRY a.s. (freely translated from czech orginal)

The air washer will be checked after the three month period to ensure the machine fulfils the values stated by the producer.